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   Suzhou, Taimei Xiangguli Hotel, Building 2, the team resident of Hebei China Fortune Club in the Suzhou Division of the Chinese Super League.


   At 7 o'clock in the morning on October 17, Huang Qingliang, assistant coach of the China Fortune Team, stood in front of Room 701.


   He just knocked on the door, but there was no response inside.


   Huang Qingliang knew that the team's head coach Xie Feng was in the room. Because more than two hours ago, Xie Feng was still sending a summary of the game with Evergrande that had just been sorted out, and Xie Feng should have fallen asleep soon.


   After hesitating for a moment, Huang Qingliang decided to call the floor attendant to open the door, because at this time there is an important thing that must be told to Xie Feng immediately.


   A few minutes ago, at the China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, Mr. Xie Feng's father and Chinese football star Xie Hongjun entered the emergency rescue procedure.


   The doctor issued a critical illness notice, requesting that the family be notified immediately. The wife did not get through Xie Feng's phone, so she could only dial the phone to Huang Qingliang.


   The waiter opened the door of Room 701. If it weren't for this, Huang Qingliang would never have the heart to wake up the coach who had spent almost the night looking at Xie Feng who was sleeping.


   Xie Feng, who was awakened, immediately realized what had happened. After an hour, the most unwilling news came from Beijing.


Mr. Xie Hongjun passed away.


   At the time of parting, Xie Feng, a son, was not able to accompany the old man.


   Since ancient times, loyalty and filial piety are difficult to balance. This is destined to be the regret of Xie Feng's life.


   However, I believe that a father who is a footballer will definitely understand his son.


   With the team on one side and the family on the other, he can only make this sacrifice.




   Time went back two months ago, Xie Feng led the Hebei China Fortune Team into the Suzhou Division on July 19.


   A few days later, his father was seriously ill with pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital.


   At the beginning, it was only treated with drugs, but because the situation did not improve, the hospital asked whether to consider surgery.


  The problem is that surgery has certain risks for the 91-year-old elderly.


  After discussing with the family, I finally followed the advice of Xie Feng's mother and did not perform the operation for now.


  Because the consideration at the time was that if Xie Feng returned from the competition area after the first stage of the Chinese Super League was finished, he would still be able to see his father and give the elderly a comfort and support before the operation.


   When his father's condition worsened, it happened to be the most difficult moment for the China Fortune Team in the first stage.


   In the first 4 rounds, they only scored 2 points. Xie Feng's shoulders are under pressure.


   One side has to consider preparations for the competition and daily training, on the other side is the old father lying in the hospital bed, who may be in danger at any time.


   But at that time, Xie Feng didn't tell the team or the club about the family's affairs. He just took it silently.


   Every night, Xie Feng calls his wife and mother to ask about his father's condition. The answers are all: If you work at ease, your father will be able to wait until you come back.


   The strength of his father accompanied his son far away, and Xie Feng, who carried all the pressure, finally ushered in a wave of three consecutive victories in the 6th round, and the team began to come out of the trough.


   After the victory over SIPG and the draw with Guoan, because there was the Football Association Cup in the middle, there were still 5 days before the next round of the league.


   A very small number of people who learned that Xie Feng's father was seriously ill, advised him to take this time to return to Beijing, because Xie's condition was very bad at the time. If there is a real danger, it may be too late to go back.


   In fact, at that time, some players from the team had briefly left the competition because of the birth of their children.




But when Xie Feng asked his family, his mother, who was also an athlete, said very firmly: You can't come back at this time, the club will hand over the team to you, you have to do your best to work, and lead the team is your best Important task.


   At that time, Xie Feng's heart was very tormented. He knew that if his father was really in danger before the end of the first stage, he might not even see the last time.


   But for the team, he chose to stick to his job.


   God seems to be blessing the football father and son. After the first stage of the game, when he returned to Beijing, Xie Feng went directly to the hospital from the airport.


   After arriving at the hospital, Xie Feng discovered that his father was already in a semi-conscious state.








   After the daily training during the eleventh period, Xie Feng will rush back to Beijing from Langfang, but the father who is getting sicker can no longer communicate with his son in any way. To


   The team's performance became the thing that my father worried about most before leaving.


   Because the old Mr. Xie Hongjun, who was also a player and coach, knows the importance of performance to the team. This sentence also became the last memorial left by the father to his son.



   Every time the game is over, it is a sleepless night for Xie Feng.


   Many years of coaching has made him a habit of watching the video of the game repeatedly after the game, and recording the problems or the points that are definitely worthwhile during the game.


   Assistants have long been accustomed to Xie Feng's capture of a certain minute and a certain second of the game after the game.


   Thank you for watching the video carefully at the summit, recording it every second, and then handing it over to the assistant coaches and technical analysis, so that they can make video editing, so that they can be targeted in the summary meeting after the game.

感谢您在峰会上仔细观看视频,每秒录制一次,然后将其交给助理教练和技术分析人员,以便他们进行视频编辑,以便在赛后的总结会上成为目标。 。

   This job usually keeps Xie Feng busy until 3 or 4 in the morning after the game.


   On the evening of October 16th, after the match between China and Evergrande, Xie Feng followed his habit of watching the video of the game overnight to summarize the game. It was after 4 o'clock in the morning that I sent the organized game summary to the assistant.


   So, when assistant coach Huang Qingliang went to knock on Xie Feng’s door on the morning of the 17th, he knew that the head coach hadn’t been a long time ago.


  While waiting for the news from the hospital, Xie Feng prayed that his father could survive this level again, until the end of the second stage of the game, so that he could have more time to guard his father.


   But, what is finally waiting for is the death of my father.




   Tears can no longer be controlled, Xie Feng murmured: Dad, my son is not filial, and he was not able to accompany you...


   After hearing the news of Mr. Xie’s death, Li Jun, the general manager of the club in the competition area, found Xie Feng the first time and asked him to leave the competition area and return home. The other team members also asked Xie Feng to pack his things quickly.


   And after Xie Feng calmed down a little bit of grief, he told the coaches: We have a meeting together and I have to arrange the next work.


   Everything was done step by step. I explained to my assistants about yesterday’s game issues, told the coaching staff and tactical analysts about my resumption thoughts, and made careful arrangements for the next training.


   The meeting lasted until noon, Xie Feng left the competition area, and did not return to Beijing until the evening of the 17th.


   And until this time, many past events with his father had time to slowly come to Xie Feng's mind.




   1953 Champions Cup group photo


   For the Xie family and his son, they have dedicated their lives to football.


   Mr. Xie Hongjun started playing football at the age of 11. He was selected for the national team in 1953. In 1954, he went to the then football power Hungary to study for one and a half years as an outstanding player representative. In 1956, he was selected for the Chinese team to prepare for the Olympics.

谢洪军先生11岁开始踢足球。他于1953年入选国家队。1954年,他去了当时的足球强国匈牙利,以杰出的球员代表身份学习了一年半。 1956年,他入选中国队,为奥运会做准备。

  His group of people included Nian Weisi, Chen Chengda, Zhang Honggen, Fang Renqiu, Zeng Xuelin, Cong Zheyu and others who later served as the chairman of the Football Association or the national coach and team leader.


   In an interview later, Mr. Xie specifically mentioned the period of studying in Hungary in 1954.


He said: "We practiced very hard back then. The Hungarian coach gave us a holiday on Sunday. We didn't let us practice, so we practiced stealthily. Because everyone knows how many people depend on the number of people who have the opportunity to go abroad for further studies. Yes, we must be worthy of the grace of the motherland and the people."


   After Xie Hongjun retired in 1975, he became the coach of the Beijing Second Sports School football class and the coach of the Beijing Youth Team, training and sending a large number of talents for the Beijing team and the national team.


   In 1985, as the head coach, he led the Beijing Men's Workers' Football Team to participate in the Second National Workers' Games, and won the third place and the title of spiritual civilization sports team.


   In 1986, Mr. Xie formed the first professional team run by Beijing enterprises (Shougang Corporation Football Team) and served as the head coach.


Under his command, there were once famous Li Songhai, Wang Junsheng, Jin Zhiyang, Shen Xiangfu, Yang Chaohui, Gao Hongbo, Da Tao Wei, Gong Lei, and his son Xie Feng.

Under his command, there were once famous Li Songhai, Wang Junsheng, Jin Zhiyang, Shen Xiangfu, Yang Chaohui, Gao Hongbo, Da Tao Wei, Gong Lei, and his son Xie Feng.

  Some of these players later joined the national team, and some took up leadership positions.



   In the mid-1980s, 8 of the 17 members of the Chinese Youth Football Team came from the Beijing Youth Team. Later, Cao Xiandong and others who came out of the Beijing Youth Team also received Xie Hongjun's guidance.


   Xie Feng was a player in the Beijing Youth Team when he was coaching.


  As the head coach, he did not give his son any special care because of the father-son relationship.


   At that time, Xie Feng was not the main player of the team, and his father did not give him much playing time. Xie Feng spent most of the time on the bench, at most, playing half the game.


   For his son, Xie Lao is very strict, and the most thing he does is ask him to practice more.


   Gao Hongbo, Da Tao Wei, Gong Lei and others of the youth team were all brought by Xie Lao.


   Xie Lao told them: A player must have his own characteristics, even if there are deficiencies, don't be afraid, but you must maximize your expertise.


   Therefore, Xie Lao asked each of them to combine their body types to strengthen their own characteristics. At that time, the requirements for Gao Hongbo were: to practice hard shots in front of the goal, outflank each position, and find the feeling of the ball.


   For the winger Tao Wei, the requirement is: We must look for opportunities to shoot outside the penalty area after cutting inside the wing. This shot later became Tao Wei's unique skill.


For his son, combined with Xie Feng's very fast speed, Xie Feng, who was a winger at the time, was required to practice three things: first, pass from the bottom; second, cooperate with his teammates in the penalty area; third: Insert into the penalty area to outflank.


   This is the key request Xie Lao made to his son.




   I remember that there was a New Year's Day holiday, and most of the team was resting. Xie Lao led Gao Hongbo and Xie Feng to the training ground of the Wuzhou Base in Guangxi. That day, there were only three of them in the entire training ground.


   What pleased the old man the most was the news that his son was selected for the national team.


   In May 1996, Jin Zhiyang, trained by Mr. Xie, served as the coach of the national team. He informed Xie Feng that he was selected for the new Chinese national team.


   On May 16, Beijing Workers' Stadium, during the friendly match between the Chinese team and Lazio, Xie Feng came off the bench in the second half and provided an assist in the only goal scored by the Chinese team.


   Recalling the scene at the time, Xie Feng said that he was very excited because that game was at the Beijing Workers' Stadium. Many Beijing fans cheered on the spot. I was really proud to represent the motherland. My idea was to give full play to my energy.


   At the scene of the game that day, there was a person who was as excited as Xie Feng. This was Xie Hongjun.


   Seeing his son playing in the national team jersey, Lao Xie seemed to see his shadow.


   At that moment, it is the happiest time for the father and son. As a football family, this is also the greatest glory of the family and the greatest happiness of the whole family.


   Xie Feng was the main force of the team when he was in Guo'an. What Xie Hongjun taught his son most was how to be a part of the team and do his best, as long as he played, he should not have any reservations.


   Later, Xie Feng moved to Shenzhen. When playing in Shenzhen, the team did not perform well. Xie Hongjun went to Shenzhen to visit him.


   Xie Feng remembered that the Shenzhen team lost 0-2 to Guangzhou. When he saw his father after the game, he had already become famous in his 30s, and he even stood there hesitantly for a while before daring to enter.


   The son knows that he performs well, but he doesn't know how his father would criticize him.


   After entering the door, my father didn't talk too much, and talked slowly while eating.


   Father told Xie Feng: The reason you played well when you were in Guoan is because you are very familiar with Guoan players. Everyone has worked together for many years, playing tacitly, and there are many players with strong Guoan ability.


   But it is different in Shenzhen. You need to integrate with your teammates as soon as possible. You have to take on more responsibilities and shout more on the court.


   His father's advice has always been remembered by Xie Feng.


   No matter which team he will coach in the future, Xie Feng will communicate his experience with the players heart-to-heart, including when he was a firefighting coach in Guoan, Xie Feng will often communicate with Yang Zhi, Yu Dabao and other old players.


   Even after he left his post, he would send a long text to remind them to play the role of helping old players in the team.






   In 2002, Xie Feng retired and stayed in Shenzhen as a coach.


   After his son became a coach, Xie Hongjun began to increase communication with his son. Because as a coach, he knows that this job is different from a player and requires more hard work and dedication.


   Xie Feng still remembers that when his father watched the League A in Beijing, he would record very seriously.


   When encountering the Guoan team and the Shenzhen team, I have to record it with a video recorder. At the end of each game, Mr. Xie will write a five- or six-page summary and experience, and then send it to Shenzhen along with the video and notes.


   So, this is also the reason why Xie Feng will seriously review and summarize after each game-this is a good habit he learned from his father and developed.


   Xie Hongjun once told his son: As a coach, you must do more in the training field and outside the competition field. Many tasks are not seen by others. But only by accomplishing these tasks can we achieve good results.


   For the team, performance is the first. At all times, put the team's affairs first.


   Also, players must be strictly required and managed, but before managing players, you must first strictly require yourself. Only if you do it yourself can you require players.


   It is particularly worth mentioning that when Xie Lao was first hospitalized, he even recorded a video for his son to encourage him.


   Therefore, whenever he encounters difficulties or does not go well, Xie Feng will take out the video to listen to. This is the strength his father brings to him.




   Now, Xie Feng's 9-year-old son Dangdang has been studying football for 4 years. During the epidemic this year, Xie Feng taught his son's skills at home.


   In the past few years, when his grandfather was in good health, he often played with his grandson and passed the ball with his grandson.


   Xie Feng recalled that the father hoped that his grandson would one day become a player and enter the national team.


   Xie Feng said: As long as we play football, our biggest goal is to play for the national team. The country has nurtured us. What we can do for the country is to play well in the game.


   Actually, although he has retired, Mr. Xie has been actively participating in youth football activities in Beijing, continuing to contribute his own strength to the cultivation of youth football talents.


   In 2019, Xie Hongjun was awarded the "Football Coach Lifetime Achievement Award" at the first coaching conference of the Beijing Football Association. ...

2019年,谢宏军在北京足球协会首届教练会上被授予“足球教练终身成就奖”。 ...

   After the death of Xie Hongjun, the Beijing Football Association, Hebei China Fortune Club, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club and other Chinese Super League clubs all expressed their condolences.


  Beijing Football Association's own obituary specifically mentioned: Mr. Xie Lao has devoted his life to the development of football, has dedicated himself to the cause of Beijing football and Chinese football, and has been a participant and witness of football development since the founding of New China.


   His death is a huge loss for Beijing football and Chinese football. His dedication to be a paving stone to teach and educate people has also left a valuable fortune for football.


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