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   Despite the congestion caused by the Mid-Autumn Festival superimposed on the National Day and the drizzle in the sky, it could not stop the students' enthusiasm for learning tennis. At 9 a.m. on October 1, the Hong Kong Jockey Club assisted by the National Fitness Tennis Training 2020 sponsored by Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., the second youth and children training camp started on time at the Beijing Jiuhua Villa International Tennis Center. . The 128 teenagers and children who love tennis not only received free jerseys and rackets, but also received free high-level tennis training from the professional coaching team of Guo Olixian.

尽管国庆节和中秋节叠加了中秋节造成的交通拥堵,但这并不能阻止学生们学习网球的热情。 10月1日上午9点,香港赛马会在郭九麟(北京)体育文化发展有限公司赞助的2020年全国健身网球训练班的协助下,第二个青少年训练营在北京九华如期开工。别墅国际网球中心。 。这128位热爱网球的少年和儿童不仅获得了免费的球衣和球拍,而且还获得了来自郭·奥利克森专业教练团队的免费的高水平网球训练。

Wang Jun, former deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, Duan Shaowu, general manager of Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd., Fu Zhong, Guo Olixian coach and former head coach of the national women’s team, Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Chen Kun, deputy general manager of Cultural Development Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony.


   This training camp is the second public tennis training camp jointly presented by Guo Olixian and the Hong Kong Jockey Club. 128 young people will receive 2 hours of high-quality tennis training every day for 5 consecutive days. The first training camp was completed at the end of August and early September and achieved good results.


The children’s training sponsored by Guo Olixian makes full use of the children’s spare time to organize training and forms a high-frequency and normalized training mechanism. By combining the market mechanism and the government's purchase of public services, it can make up for the serious lack of current amateur sports schools. Campus sports are incapable, industry associations are difficult to take care of, private enterprises and clubs are insufficient for profit. In the new historical development opportunity period of deepening reform in the sports field, explore a new era of amateur tennis training for children and teenagers.


Duan Shaowu, general manager of Guo Olixian (Beijing) Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. said in his speech: "As Hong Kong’s largest non-profit organization and charitable donation organization, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has been supporting the development of public welfare undertakings in the Mainland for a long time. Lixian’s years of cooperation have allowed tennis from state agencies, enterprises and institutions to the whole society, from adults to teenagers. In this training camp, the Hong Kong Jockey Club not only provided free venues, coaches, but also equipment and equipment for children You can feel the charm of the world's second largest ball sport with zero threshold. Let us express our gratitude for the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club."


   The international authoritative medical journal "The Lancet" concluded in a study of 1.2 million people: Swinging sports are the most beneficial sports for mental and physical health. Playing tennis can strengthen the body and strengthen the immune system. It is a sport especially suitable for children to participate in.


   In the first training camp, he did not "grab" the quota for the children, which made Jiang Hongwei extremely regretful. In the second training camp, he finally got his wish. Jiang Hongwei said that playing tennis is one of the best sports to improve children's concentration, and it can also play a good role in promoting cultural lessons. "I have benefited a lot from playing tennis by myself. I also want my children to stick to the sport and drive more friends around me to pick up tennis rackets. I hope there will be more charities like the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Love, so that more people have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of playing tennis."

在第一个训练营中,他没有“抢”孩子们的名额,这使姜洪伟感到非常遗憾。在第二个训练营中,他终于如愿以偿。姜宏伟说,打网球是提高孩子注意力的最好的运动之一,在促进文化课上也可以起到很好的作用。 “我自己打网球给我带来了很多好处。我也希望我的孩子们坚持这项运动,并带动我周围的更多朋友拿起网球拍。我希望会有更多的慈善机构,例如香港赛马会。使更多的人有机会享受打网球的好处。”

The 2nd Youth and Children’s Training Camp kicked off the "Eleventh" holiday, the Hong Kong Jockey Club helps the nation’s fitness and tennis activities. On October 2, the "Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup" membership grading competition will kick off, on October 6. On the 8th, the "Hong Kong Jockey Club Cup" Club Membership Tournament will kick off. For the tennis fans in Beijing during the "11th" period, it is no exaggeration to say that they are either playing tennis or on the way to play tennis.

第二届青年儿童训练营在“十一”假期拉开帷幕,香港赛马会帮助全国进行健身和网球活动。 10月2日,“香港赛马会杯”会员资格比赛将于10月6日开始。8月8日,“香港赛马会杯”俱乐部会员资格比赛开始。对于“十一”期间北京的网球迷来说,毫不夸张地说他们是在打网球还是在打网万博最新登陆网址球。

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