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The first stage of the Super League this season has ended. Guangzhou R&F’s record of 14 rounds in the first stage was fixed at 4 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses, scoring 14 goals, conceding 28 goals and accumulating 15 points, ranking 6th in Group A.


They are the pioneers of the Guangzhou R&F team's growth and development. Every game witnesses their growth. Next, R&F will record their mental journey through an exclusive interview with R&F’s stars.


The 21-year-old star Han Jiaqi played 14 games in the Super League in the first stage of the Super League and made up to 50 saves, the highest number of saves among all goalkeepers in the Super League. In the duel between Guangzhou R&F and Dalian on August 16, Han Jiaqi made as many as 9 saves, breaking the record of single saves in the Super League this season and helping R&F achieve zero seals for the first time in 414 days.


In the first stage of the 14 Super League matches, Han Jiaqi achieved zero seals three times. In addition to two zero seals for the Dalian, it also included in the final round, facing luxury lineups including Pelle, Geddes and Moises. Shandong Luneng Mount Tai.


It is said that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. This sentence is also applicable to the young Han Jiaqi. Van Bronckhorst boldly used Han Jiaqi this season and received good results. "In fact, to be a player is to always be prepared, and it is the same for goalkeepers. During the preparation period before the season, I played a game with Lei Ge (Cheng Yuelei). At that time, I felt that the coach was also investigating me and I felt that I had to perform well. I believe there will be a chance after the league starts."

据说,机会是为有准备的人保留的。这句话也适用于年轻的韩家琪。范布朗克斯特(Van Bronckhorst)在本赛季大胆使用了韩佳琪,并取得了不错的成绩。 “事实上,要成为一名球员总是要做好准备,对于守门员来说也是一样。在赛季开始前的准备期间,我和雷戈(程月磊)一起打了一场比赛。当时,我觉得教练也在调查我,我觉得我必须表现出色。我相信联盟开始后会有机会。”

In the first two rounds of the league, Guangzhou R&F lost to Shenzhen Kaisa and Guangzhou Evergrande 0-3 and 0-5, but Han Jiaqi did not make a fatal mistake in these two "derby" matches.


"After the first game against Shenzhen Kaisa, Fan Shuai said that I should believe in myself. For me, I came with a learning mentality. I did not put myself in a high position. Huang The director (Huang Hongtao) also told me that I don’t want to carry any psychological baggage, and I just need to invest 100%."


Perhaps the most impressive thing about Han Jiaqi in the 14 Super League matches was that after the second round against Guangzhou Evergrande, Han Jiaqi shed "male tears." At the end of that game, Evergrande first scored the equalizer with Han Jiaqi not far away from the siege. At the last moment, Han Jiaqi's release gave Paulinho a chance to kill, but these two mistakes were excluded. , Han Jiaqi performed very well in the game.

关于韩佳琪,在14场超级联赛中,最令人印象深刻的事情可能是在对阵广州恒大的第二轮比赛后,韩佳琪流下了“男性眼泪”。在那场比赛的最后,恒大率先与韩佳琪攻入扳平比分。在最后一刻,韩佳琪的获释给了Paulinho一个杀人的机会,但是这两个错误被排除在外。 ,韩佳琪在比赛中表现非常出色。

"At that time, I felt that every point we made was extremely valuable. The big brothers fought a game and were killed at the last moment. I felt very sorry for them. I think this is something young players need to experience." Han Jiaqi said. After that game, there were mixed opinions on Xiao Han from the outside world, and he said that he would remain calm when he asked questions. "No matter good or bad comments, I think these games are for me, every game is learning. , It’s just that the price paid for that game is relatively high, so I understand that every game cannot be given up until the last minute."

“那个时候,我觉得我们所取得的每分都是非常宝贵的。大哥们打了一场比赛,在最后一刻被杀了。我为他们感到非常遗憾。我认为这是年轻球员需要经历的。”韩家琪说。比赛结束后,外界对小涵的看法不一,他说当他问问题时会保持镇定。 “无论评论是好是坏,我认为这些游戏适合我,每个游戏都在学习。,只是该游戏的价格相对较高,所以我了解到直到最后一刻才能放弃所有游戏。 ”

Han Jiaqi once said in an interview that Zahavi's departure made everyone in the team want to prove something more, which triggered heated discussions from the outside world. "At the time, what I meant was that if any team lacks someone, the earth will still change. It doesn't mean that if there is no one, it won't work. Because football is a collective event, and the top scorer is gone, everyone must continue to work hard. Work hard and be more cohesive."

韩佳琪曾在一次采访中说,扎哈维的离职使团队中的每个人都想证明更多,这引起了外界的热烈讨论。 “当时,我的意思是,如果任何一支球队缺少一个人,地球仍然会发生变化。这并不意味着如果没有一个人,它将无法正常工作。因为足球是一项集体活动,并且高层得分手已经走了,每个人都必须继续努力。努力工作,变得更有凝聚力。”

In the first stage of the league, Guangzhou R&F experienced low driving and high driving. Xiao Han said, “The atmosphere of the team is very good now. I think the competitiveness of our team is that we are young, hardworking, unwilling to admit defeat, and united. ."

在联赛的第一阶段,广州富力经历了低速驾驶和高速驾驶。小涵说:“现在团队的气氛非常好。我认为我们团队的竞争力在万博最新登陆网址于我们年轻,勤奋,不愿接受失败并团结一致。 。”

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