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The first Milan derby of the new season has come to an end. Relying on Ibrahimović's brave performance, AC Milan won the city's rivals in the away game. There are many anecdotes behind the Milan Derby. What I want to talk about this time is that the domestic fan circle has always existed, and there is a dispute about the names of San Siro and Meazza.

新赛季的第一场米兰德比比赛已经结束。依靠伊布拉希莫维奇的出色表现,AC米兰在客场比赛中赢得了城市的对手。米兰德比(Milan Derby)背后有许多轶事。我想说的是,国内球迷圈子一直存在,关于圣西罗和梅阿扎的名字存在争议。

For most domestic sports media, there is an unwritten rule when calling Inter Milan and AC Milan's home stadium. Although it is the same stadium, Inter Milan's home stadium is called Meazza and AC Milan's home stadium is called For San Siro. The specific provenance of this tradition is untestable, but I believe most Serie A fans have seen similar expressions on the Internet: “Inter Milan’s home game is Meazza, and only the opponent will be called San Siro.” Some fans will say this. The problem of addressing is more real. For those media who don't pay attention to the distinction, as long as the name is "pinned up", some angry fans will be named "amateur".

对于大多数国内体育媒体而言,致电国际米兰和AC米兰的主体育场有一条不成文的规定。尽管是同一体育场,但国际米兰的主体育场被称为Meazza,而AC米兰的主体育场被称为For San Siro。这种传统的特殊来源是无法检验的,但是我相信大多数意甲球迷在互联网上都可以看到类似的表达:“国际米兰的主场比赛是梅阿扎,只有对手会被称为圣西罗。”一些粉丝会这样说。解决的问题更加现实。对于那些不注意区分的媒体,只要名称是“ pinned up”,一些生气的粉丝就会被命名为“ amateur”。

Is it unprofessional performance not to distinguish the stadium name? In fact, the two names are not exclusive to a certain team, and it is common for Italians to mix them. Looking at the major sports media in Italy, you can see many examples. There is an article in the newspaper published by Gazzetta dello Sport after the Milan Derby that uses the title San Siro in the lead. The "Roma Sport" previously used San Siro in the title and Meazza in the headline when reviewing the 1999/2000 Coppa Italia final between Inter Milan and Lazio. Rai TV also used the name Meazza when it broadcasted Juventus women's football as a guest to challenge AC Milan women's football.

不区分体育场名称是不专业的表现吗?实际上,这两个名称并非特定团队所独有,意大利人通常将它们混用。纵观意大利的主要体育媒体,您可以看到许多例子。米兰德比之后,Gazzetta dello Sport在报纸上刊登了一篇文章,标题为“圣西罗”。在回顾国际米兰和拉齐奥之间的1999/2000年意大利杯决赛时,“罗马运动”曾用圣西罗作为标题,并在标题上用了梅阿扎。莱电视(Rai TV)在应邀挑战尤文图斯女足的比赛中转播尤文图斯女足时也使用了Meazza这个名字。

If you must say what is the difference between the two titles, it may be due to the frequency of use. If you use Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and Stadio San Siro as keywords to search in Google, the former has 2.11 million results, and the latter is As many as 6.38 million, twice as many. The difference in the frequency of appearance of the two names is related to the history of the stadium.

如果您必须说两个标题之间的区别是什么,可能是由于使用频率高所致。如果您使用Stadio Giuseppe Meazza和Stadio San Siro作为关键字在Google中进行搜索,则前者的搜索结果为211万,后者的搜索结果为638万,是搜索结果的两倍。这两个名字出现频率的差异与体育场的历史有关。

The San Siro Stadium was built in 1925. The chairman of the team, Piero Pirelli, and the son of Pirelli’s founder Giovanni Battista Pirelli, decided to build a stadium in the San Siro district of Milan. To be close to the racetrack in the San Siro district. The stadium was completed the following year and has been called by the name of the area since then. Now if a fan wants to take the subway to the stadium to watch a game, when taking the M5 line, you can see that the last two stops on the line are called San Siro, and the penultimate stop San Siro Ippodromo is the racecourse.

San Siro体育场建于1925年。团队主席Piero Pirelli和Pirelli创始人Giovanni Battista Pirelli的儿子决定在米兰的San Siro地区建立体育场。靠近圣西罗区的赛马场。体育场于次年竣工,从那时起便以该地区的名字命名。现在,如果球迷想乘地铁去体育场观看比赛,那么乘坐M5线时,您会看到该线的最后两个停靠站叫San Siro,而倒数第二个停靠站San Siro Ippodromo是赛马场。

Another allusion is the origin of the name San Siro. Italian cities and towns, and even a specific residential area have their own patron saints, who are the patron saints of this area and its religious buildings. Most of them are religious personnel who have contributed to the development of Catholicism, or the history of a certain area Celebrities. San Siro is also the name of a patron saint, but he is not responsible for blessing Milan, but the patron saint of Pavia, another city in Lombardy, so the full name is actually San Siro of Pavia.


San Siro was active in the 4th century AD. Siro is derived from the Latin Syrus, which refers to those from ancient Syria. He has been preaching in Pavia for a long time. According to the biographical records of his saints, Jesus also manifested through him Because of the existence of San Siro, the Catholic faith in Pavia was driven, and he became the first bishop in the history of this diocese. The San Siro district in Milan was only a small village until the 19th century. They did regard San Siro as the protector of the village, and were later divided into the administrative divisions of Milan. These traditions have also been preserved.

圣西罗活跃于公元4世纪。 Siro源自拉丁文Syrus,指的是古代叙利亚。他已经在帕维亚(Pavia)宣讲了很长时间。根据他的圣徒的传记记录,耶稣也通过他表现出来。由于圣西罗的存在,对万博手机登陆网址帕维亚的天主教信仰被驱使,他成为该教区历史上的第一位主教。直到19世纪,米兰的圣西罗区还是一个小村庄。他们确实将圣西罗(San Siro)视为村庄的保护者,后来被划分为米兰的行政区划。这些传统也得到保留。

Based on historical and religious reasons, the locals are impressed by San Siro whether as a religious image or a place name. The football field is almost the most famous landmark in the San Siro district. Over time, people almost equate the stadium with the entire area. Both the fans and the media have formed inertia in the name of the stadium in the history of nearly a hundred years, even if the stadium was renamed Meazza.


Giuseppe Meazza was used to name the stadium 40 years ago. The great star who had played for both the Milan duo died in 1979. The following year, the Milan city government decided to name the stadium after it. , As a memorial. Since then, people have slowly started to use the term Meazza Stadium, but after all, the name San Siro has been deeply ingrained in people’s minds. The club officials and the Milan city government have hardly emphasized or interfered with the two names, so To this day, the two names of this stadium can still be used in various contexts. In the Milan subway map, this station is still called the San Siro Stadium. Moratti and other legends in the history of Inter Milan did not shy away from the title of San Siro in an interview.

朱塞佩·梅阿查(Giuseppe Meazza)在40年前曾被命名为体育场。曾为米兰二人组合效力的这位伟大球星于1979年去世。第二年,米兰市政府决定以体育场命名。 ,作为纪念。从那以后,人们逐渐开始使用“梅阿扎球场”一词,但毕竟,圣西罗这个名字已在人们的脑海中根深蒂固。俱乐部官员和米兰市政府几乎没有强调或干涉这两个名称,因此直到今天,该体育场的两个名称仍可以在各种情况下使用。在米兰地铁地图中,该车站仍称为圣西罗球场。莫拉蒂和国际米兰历史上的其他传奇人物在接受采访时都没有回避圣西罗的头衔。

As for the differentiation of the two stadium names in the Chinese fan circle, whether it was originally an error or deliberately, this has become a unique fan culture formed after the landing of Serie A in China. If a fan insists on using one of these terms to call his home team's stadium, it is a personal choice, and no one else can interfere. However, it must be emphasized that those who used San Siro to report on Inter Milan's home game are by no means unprofessional or confused. No matter what kind of statement, there is no problem in itself.


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