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【万博最新登陆网址】ZOZO锦标赛托马斯争第三冠 拉姆或重回世界第一

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   Beijing time on October 25th, because of a good luck and beautiful two putts, Justin Thomas (Justin Thomas) shot 67 on Saturday, 5 under par, and felt much better. He also used this good score to lead Jon Rahm by one shot after the third round of the ZOZO Championship.

北京时间10月25日,由于运气好,两个推杆漂亮,贾斯汀·托马斯(贾斯汀·托马斯)周六打67杆,低于标准杆5杆,感觉好多了。在ZOZO冠军赛第三轮之后,他还利用这一良好的得分将Jon Rahm领先了一杆。

   Justin Thomas was 2 shots behind on the last nine holes. On the 16th hole, the par-five driver hit the fig tree and fell into the grass instead of the stream. He pushed into a 10-foot birdie putt and got a tie lead, and then he pushed into a 30-foot uphill birdie putt on the 17th hole.

贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)在最后九洞落后2杆。在第16洞,五杆洞的五杆手撞到了无花果树,掉进了草丛,而不是溪流。他推入10英尺的小鸟推杆并获得平局领先,然后他在第17洞推入30英尺的上坡小鸟推杆。

   Joan Ram finished the game two hours ago, surrendering a 63. He felt that it would at least get him close to the leader, but in fact he almost got the lead until Justin Thomas finished the race strongly.

琼·拉姆(Joan Ram)在两个小时前完成了比赛,交出63分。他认为这至少会让他接近领先者,但实际上,直到贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)坚决完成比赛之前,他几乎领先。

Lanto Griffin (Lanto Griffin) once led the world's second and third ranked players, but unfortunately he swallowed two bogeys in the last four holes. On the 15th hole, he hit the ball into the water and closed. Official hole, he went from long grass to long grass.

兰托·格里芬(Lanto Griffin)曾一度领跑世界第二和第三名的球员,但不幸的是他在最后四个洞吞下了两个柏忌。在第15洞,他将球击入水中并关闭。官方洞,他从长草到长草。

   In another week of low strokes on the PGA Tour, Justin Thomas surrendered 197 (65-65-67) in three rounds, 19 under par. But Tiger Woods struggled again. He won the ZOZO Championship in Japan last year and he only shot 71.

在PGA巡回赛的另一轮低杆比赛中,贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)在三轮比赛中投降197(65-65-67),低于标准杆19。但是老虎伍兹再次挣扎。去年,他在日本ZOZO冠军赛上夺冠,但他只万博手机登陆网址打了71杆。

   And this result will once again prove what the new crown epidemic will disrupt this year. Woods will start with Phil Mickelson from the last group. The two players are top stars in golf, but no fans will watch them on the court.


   Mickelson caught 7 birdies on 8 holes in the start, but then shot 2 over par, surrendered 67, tied for 68th.


   This is the ninth time they have been in the same group in the final round of the PGA Tour, and it is also the first time that they have nothing to do with the final victory. They were 16 shots behind the leader. The first time they were in the same group on Sunday can be traced back to the 1997 PGA Championship, when they were 8 shots behind, and the result was 75 in doubles.


  The other side of the score is quite exciting.


   Justin Thomas will fight for the third championship this year. Joan Ram is currently ranked second and may return to the world's first place. Landuo Griffin is also fascinating. He achieved his first PGA Tour victory in Houston last year. He has shown on Saturday that he is unlikely to get stuck in a puzzle, and his pushes have been pure throughout the week.

贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)今年将争取第三次冠军。琼·拉姆(Joan Ram)目前排名第二,并且可能会返回世界第一。兰多·格里芬(Landuo Griffin)也很着迷。去年,他在休斯敦取得了首个PGA巡回赛冠军。他在周六表明,他不太可能陷入困惑,整个星期他的推销都是纯粹的。

   Landuo Griffin caught 4 birdies in a row at the start and took the lead. He remained there until the end of the game. He made a 15-foot birdie on the 14th hole and reached 19 under par, leading Justin Thomas by 2 shots at that moment. But on the 15th hole, he tee-off aimed at the flagstick on the right side of the green, but hit too much right and entered the obstacle area.

兰多·格万博手机登陆网址里芬(Landuo Griffin)起步时连续抓到4个小鸟,并取得了领先。他一直待在那里直到比赛结束。他在第14洞打出15英尺高的小鸟,并低于标准杆19杆,当时贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)领先2杆。但是在第15洞,他开球瞄准果岭右侧的旗杆,但打得太右,进入了障碍区。

Instead of going to the toss area, he used a different set of tees, so he could fully swing and better control the ball. As a result, he wedges to within 20 feet, pushes into that putt, and leaves with a bogey. , And finally fell behind by 2 shots and was in third place alone.

他没有去掷球区,而是使用了不同的发球台,因此他可以完全挥杆并更好地控制球。结果,他楔入了20英尺以内,推入那个推杆,然后柏忌离开。 ,最终落后了2杆,仅排名第三。

   Justin Thomas played well enough that he didn't even show it after two birdies in the start. On the 13th hole, par 5, he had a problem with his tee shot. He chose to throw the ball on the concrete carriageway, and then hit a sharp turn. The ball returned to the fairway. At the same time, his The club is not damaged. But then, he didn't grasp the timing, and the wedge hit the green skirt flatly, only to save a par.

贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)的表现足够出色,他甚至在起步时只抓到两只小鸟就没有表现出来。在13号洞第5杆洞,他的发球区域出现问题。他选择将球扔到混凝土行车道上,然后急转弯。球回到球道。同时,他的俱乐部没有损坏。但是后来,他没有把握住时机,楔子平直地撞到了绿色的裙子上,只是为了节省标准杆。

   When Landuo Griffin made a birdie push on the 14th hole, Justin Thomas was within him, but he deviated a lot and didn't enter the hole.

兰多·格里芬(Landuo Griffin)在第14洞打出小鸟球时,贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)在他里面,但他偏离很大,没有进入洞。

   But Justin Thomas caught birdies on the 16th and 17th holes and quickly changed the situation. He returned to the situation he had when he started the day.

但是贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)在第16和第17洞抓到小鸟,并迅速改变了局面。他回到了开始时的状态。

  Patrick Cantlay didn't score much from this round, but he didn't bogey for the third day in a row. He trailed by 3 shots and tied for fourth place with Sebastian Munoz and Ryan Palmer, who had 66 doubles.

帕特里克·坎特莱(Patrick Cantlay)在本轮比赛中得分不高,但是他连续第三天都没有柏忌。他落后3杆,并与塞巴斯蒂安·穆诺兹(Sebastian Munoz)和莱恩·帕尔默(Ryan Palmer)并列第4位,后者获得66枚双打。

   Webb Simpson had a 67 and Baba Watson had a 68. The two were 4 shots behind and tied for seventh in the big group.

韦伯·辛普森(Webb Simpson)拿67,巴巴·沃森(Baba Watson)拿68。两人落后4杆,并列第七。



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