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After scoring four goals to complete the comeback, the frontcourt players fully blossomed. Bayern Munich completed their revenge against Leverkusen in the away game, gnawing a hard bone on the road to the championship sprint. In this campaign, Bayern gained an overwhelming advantage in the wing battle. Lewandowski, Thomas Muller and Gorecka continued to be in good shape. Koman and Gnabry also found feelings. Rick's team attracted the attention of the whole Europe with a strong performance.

在攻入四个进球完成复出之后,前场球员完全开花。拜仁慕尼黑在客场比赛中对勒沃库森的复仇完成了,在通往冠军冲刺的道路上了硬骨头。在这场战役中,拜仁在翼战中获得了压倒性的优势。 Lewandowski,Thomas Muller和Gorecka仍然保持良好状态。 Koman和Gnabry也发现了感情。 Rick的团队以出色的表现吸引了整个欧洲的目光。

In the first round of the season between the two sides, Bayern Munich lost 1-2 to Bayer Leverkusen at home, which was a rare match in the Frick era that won no points. This time to be a guest to challenge the bitter host, Bayern hopes to continue the excellent state since the rematch, with a victory to lock the league champion in advance.


For the time being, there is no need to bear the pressure of the European war. Flick's rotation in the near future is relatively limited. 10 of the Bayern players who started this campaign participated in the match against Dusseldorf last weekend. Boateng replaced Lu. Cass-Hernandez is the only change. In this campaign, the popular fried chicken Havertz was absent due to injury. Boss insisted on using the 343 formation, but he adjusted many positions in the midfield, including Leon Pele, Amiri and Bellarby. None of them appeared in the right position, which paved the way for the home team's loss and chaos in the mid-game.

目前,没有必要承受欧洲战争的压力。 Flick在不久的将来的轮换相对有限。上周末,参加这场运动的10名拜仁球员参加了对阵杜塞尔多夫的比赛。博阿滕取代了鲁。 Cass-Hernandez是唯一的更改。在这次运动中,由于受伤缺席了受欢迎的炸鸡Havertz。老板坚持使用343编队,但他调整了中场的许多位置,包括莱昂·佩利,阿米里和贝拉比。他们都没有出现在正确的位置,这为主队在比赛中的失利和混乱铺平了道路。

In the two rounds of the contest, Leverkusen's formation and staffing have undergone major changes. After Flanders was injured, the 4231 formation was downgraded to plan B by Boss. Haverts led the no-front formation (343) to shine recently. Arario who played in this campaign is better at cruising in the front position and retreating. The effect after midfield is not as good as Haverts. After the opening, Leverkusen used active running to curb Bayern's advancement on the two wings, and the mobility of Pele, Bellerabi and Diaby played a role in the defense.

在比赛的两轮中,勒沃库森的组建和人员配备发生了重大变化。法兰德斯受伤后,老板将4231编队降级为B计划。 Haverts带领无阵线阵型(343)最近大放异彩。参加这项运动的阿拉里奥(Arario)更擅长于前排巡航和后退。中场之后的效果不及哈弗特斯。开幕后,勒沃库森利用主动奔跑抑制了拜仁在两翼上的进步,贝利,贝勒拉比和迪亚比的机动性在防守中发挥了作用。

After taking advantage of a sideline attack opportunity to take the lead, Leverkusen did not act conservatively. Bosch asked the players to continue to press on the offense and try to score more goals with a wave of offensive. In Haverts’s “pseudo nine” game, Pele will adduct the penalty area when he retreats, and Diaby’s position is also closer to the penalty area. In this campaign, Arario was unable to play the effect of "pull out and then hit in" in the middle. Pele became a wing guard who was positioned back and aside. Diaby, who had an unbalanced biped technique, could only go outside on the left. Leverkusen’s strong offensive tactics are completely gone.


Lack of Thiago's response, possession and scheduling, Bayern can also rely on team strength to resolve the oppression of opponents, to the stage of offensive advancement and organization, they can only look for more opportunities from the side. In the mid-range confrontation in the early part of the first half, Muller & Gorecka did not take much advantage from Arangis & Baumgatlinger. Leverkusen’s strategy was to try not to let Bayern from the center. Launch an offensive and fight back when Bayern makes a wing pass. Leverkusen's five-back defense line filled the penalty area, the central defender's header ability is relatively good, Bayern's consecutive crosses did not have the expected effect.


Although they failed to completely suppress their opponents in the middle of the frontcourt, Gorecka and Kimmich's defensive performance is very good. Leverkusen’s good momentum was interrupted by a mistake. In the 27th minute, Diaby handed the ball to Gorecka in the midfield. The latter intercepted the ball and sent a fatal through pass. Koman scored a single pass. Bayern evened the score after breaking the goal.

尽管他们未能在前场中间完全压制对手,但戈雷卡和金米奇的防守表现还是非常出色的。勒沃库森的良好动力被一个错误打断了。在第27分钟,迪亚比将球传给了中场戈雷卡。后者拦截了皮球,并传出致命一球。 Koman攻入一球。拜仁打破进球后平分了比分。

Just like when coaching Ajax and Dortmund, Boss rarely adjusts his tactics significantly according to changes in the game. Leverkusen has a lot of space behind him, and some of the center and wingbacks have obvious problems with their turn and defensive position. Bayern's counterattack is one strike.


It is worth mentioning that Flick re-adjusted Koeman to the left in this campaign and achieved good results. He destroyed Leverkusen's defense with a dazzling dribbling. Leverkusen changed into a four-back formation after changing the side to try to reverse the dilemma on the side. Bayern concentrated heavily on the right to contain Wendell’s assists. The offensive on the left continued to be led by Koman. The French was in Dragovic The suppression of Boss completely failed his wing counterattack plan.


The top three strikers made their opponents exhausted, and Mueller got a relatively loose room for activity. Muller is good at running without the ball, shooting above the standard, and passing skills are becoming more and more exquisite. His characteristics are very suitable for capturing fighters in the Bundesliga with a larger space. Leverkusen, a team that dared to persist in itself, gives He provides an ideal stage.


From the big victory over Frankfurt, to the technical knockout of Dortmund, to the successful revenge of Leverkusen, Bayern has accumulated confidence in the process of beating the European theater team. In the previous few seasons on the road to the Champions League championship, Bayern has repeatedly lost key games because of the absence of key players. Lewandowski and Mueller’s cumulative yellow card suspension may not be a bad thing. Flick can use the next game against Borussia to practice Plan B, train more players in rotation, and make tactical reserves for the Champions League knockout in advance.

从对法兰克福的大胜,到多特蒙德的技术淘汰赛,再到勒沃库森的成功复仇,拜仁在击败欧洲剧院团队的过程中积累了信心。在获得冠军联赛的前几个赛季中,拜仁因缺少关键球员而屡屡输掉关键比赛。莱万多夫斯基(Lewandowski)和穆勒(Mueller)累积的黄牌暂停可能不是一件坏事。 Flick可以在下一场对阵Borussia的比赛中练习B计划,训练更多的球员轮换,并为冠军联赛的淘汰赛预先预留战术。

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